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SILIKE ‘s Si-TPVs offer sports equipment producers lasting soft-touch comfort, stain resistance, reliable safety, durability, and aesthetic performance, that meets the complex needs of end-use sporting goods consumers, opening a door for the future world of high-quality Sporting Equipment

The sporting equipment industry is growing globally as more people take up sports and recreational activities, and more and more sports brands are starting to look at sustainability as a direction, that required sports equipment manufacturers must be able to show innovative solutions for the most significant challenges in comfort, safety, stain, durability, eco-friendly, and aesthetically pleasing designs. thus, they need to explore the environmental and ergonomic design impact of materials in the manufacturing process, as well as balance fashion, cost, and function.

A Sustainable Material, Skin-friendly environment Sporting Goods Options

SILIKE’s Si-TPVs supply sporting goods manufacturers with lasting soft touch comfort safety sustainable materials to promote superior tactile, coloring, stain resistance, durability, waterproof, and aesthetically pleasing designs

SILIKE’s silicone-based thermoplastic elastomer(Si-TPV) suitable for injection molding in thin-walled parts, can adhere to other materials through injection molding or multi-component injection molding, allowing for excellent adhesion to PA, PC, ABS, and TPU as well. Due to Si-TPV’s excellent mechanical properties, easy processability, recyclability, easily colorable, and strong UV stability with no loss of adhesion to the rigid substrate when exposed to sweat, grime, or conventional topical lotions, commonly used by consumers.

Si-TPV for sporting

SILIKE’s silicone-based thermoplastic elastomers(Si-TPVs) for sporting gear and goods manufacturers improve processing and design flexibility, with resistance to sweat and sebum producing more complex outstanding end-use products. That is highly recommended for all kinds of sports equipment from bicycles handgrip, switches and push buttons on gym equipment odometers, and more sportswear, etc…

Post time: Mar-02-2023