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In the cable industry, a small defect such as die lip build-up that forms during cable insulation can snowball into a chronic problem that affects both the production and the quality of the product, causing unnecessary costs and loss of other resources.
SILIKE Silicone masterbatch as a processing aid and lubricant, which can help wire and cable makers with No“die build-up” during the extrusion process, benefits cable&wire sheath, jacket processing, productivity, and surface quality improvement.


1. Processing properties: significantly improve the material flow, extrusion process, faster line speed, reduced die pressure& die drool, enhanced dispersion, and performance of flame retardant ATH/MDH for high content filled LLDPE/EVA/ATH cable compounds. and water absorption during processing

2. Surface quality: the extruded wire and cable surface will be smooth, and improve scratch and wear resistance.

Typical Applications: HFFR and LSZH cable compounds, Silane crosslinking cable compound, Low smoke PVC cable compounds, Low COF cable compound, TPU cable compound, TPE wire, etc…

Post time: May-26-2022