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Silicone Powder LYSI-300C in Various Thermoplastic to Processing Improvement

Silicone powder LYSI-300C is a powdered formulation with 60% ultra high molecular weight siloxane polymer and 40% silica . It is recommend to be used as processing aids in various thermoplastic formulations such as halogen free flame retardant wire&cable compounds , PVC compounds , engineering compounds, pipes, plastic/filler masterbatches..etc .

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Silicone powder ( Siloxane powder ) LYSI-300C  is a powder formulation which contains 60% UHMW Siloxane polymer dispersed in Silica . It is particularly developed for Polyolefin masterbatches/ filler masterbatches to improve the dispersion property by better infiltrate in fillers.

Compare to conventional lower molecular weight Silicone / Siloxane additives,like Silicone oil, silicone fluids or other type processing aids, SILIKE Silicone powder LYSI-300C is expected to give improved benefits on processing proopertise and modify the surface quality of final products, eg,. Less screw slippage , improved mold release, reduce die drool, a lower coefficient of friction, fewer paint and printing problems, and a broader range of performance capabilities.

Fundamental Parameters

Name     LYSI-300C
Appearance  White powder
Silicone Content   %  60
Dosage  %(w/w) 0.2~2%


(1) Improve processing properties including better flow ability , reduced extrusion die drool , less extruder torque , better molding filling & release

(2) Improve surface quality like surface slip, lower Coefficient of friction

(3)  Greater abrasion & scratch resistance

(4) Faster throughput , reduce product defect rate.

(5) Enhance stability compare with traditional processing aid or lubricants 

(6) Slightly increase LOI and reduce heat release rate , smoke ,and carbon monoxide evolution



(1) Wire&cable compounds

(2) PVC compounds

(3) PVC footwear

(4) Color masterbatches

(5) Filler masterbatches 

(6) Engineering plastics

(7) Others


How to use

SILIKE silicone powder can be used in classical melt blending process like Single /Twin screw extruder, injection molding. A physical blend with virgin polymer pellets is recommended . For better test result, Strongly suggest to pre-blend Silicone powder and thermoplastic pellets prior to introduction to extrusion process.

Recommend dosage

When added to polyethylene or similar thermoplastic at 0.2 to 1% , improved processing and flow of the resin is expected, including better mold filling, less extruder torque, internal lubricants, mold release and faster throughput; At a higher addition level , 2~5%, improved surface properties are expected, including lubricity , slip, lower coefficient of friction and greater mar/scratch and abrasion resistance


20Kg / bag , craft paper bag


Transport as non-hazardous chemical. Store in a cool , well ventilated place .

Shelf life

Original characteristics remain intact for 24 months from the production date , if kept in recommend storage.

Chengdu Silike Technology Co., Ltd is a manufacturer and supplier of silicone material, who has dedicated to R&D of the combination of Silicone with thermoplastics for 20+ years, products including but not limited to Silicone masterbatch , Silicone powder, Anti-scratch masterbatch, Super-slip Masterbatch, Anti-abrasion masterbatch, Anti-Squeaking masterbatch, Silicone wax and Silicone-Thermoplastic Vulcanizate(Si-TPV), for more details and test data, please feel free to contact Ms.Amy Wang  Email: amy.wang@silike.cn

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