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Silicone Wax SILIMER 5133

SILIMER TM 5133 is a liquid alkyl modifed silicone wax. It is used for surface treatment of inorganices fillers , pigments , flame retardants to improve the dispersion properties.

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SILIMER TM 5133 is a liquid alkyl modifed silicone wax. It is used for surface treatment of inorganics fillers, pigments, flame retardants to improve the dispersion properties.

Product Specifications

Grade SILIMER 5133
Appearance   Colorless Liquid
Active Concentration 100%
 Flash point >300 °C
Viscosity (25 °C) Approx. 825 mPas
Specific Gravity (25 °C) 0.91 g/cm3 

Applications advantages

1) Higer filler content, better dispersion

2) Improve the gloss and surface smoothness of products(lower COF);

3) Improved melt flow rates and dispersion of fillers

4) Make products have good mold release and lubricity,  improve processing efficiency.

5 Improved color strength, no negative affect on mechanical properties

How to use

Addition levels between 0.5~ 3.0% are suggested depends on the required properties.

It can be used in classical melt blending process like Single /Twin screw extrusion, injection molding.

It can be used for Pre-treatment of fillers

Recommend used with a liquid dosage pump and injected in zone 1 or 2 of the extrusion line.

Transportation & Storage

This product could be transported as non-hazardous chemical. It is recommended to be stored in a dry and cool area with a storage temperature below 40 ° C to avoid agglomeration. The package must be well sealed after each use to prevent the product from being affected by moisture.

Package & Shelf life

The standard packaging is 200 kg per steel drum. Original characteristics remain intact for 12 months from the production date if kept in recommend storage.

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