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Along with social development, sports shoes are preferentially drawn close from good looking to practicality just gradually. EVA is ethylene/vinyl acetate copolymer (also referred to as ethene-vinyl acetate copolymer), has good plasticity, elasticity, and machinability, and by foaming, treated that EVA material has many advantages, such as that density is small, the mechanical property is good, easy coloring, thus, EVA is often widely used in various sports sole materials, but, with EVA shoe material soft highly-elastic, the raising of ultralight performance requirements. Conversely, the continuous decline of footwear material formula wear-resisting property…

How to solve the EVA footwear material no wear resistance issues?





The EVA sole material is prepared by taking an ultra-high-molecular-weight organic silicon wear-resistant agent, which has the below advantages:


1. Obviously improved the wear-resisting property of EVA material, reduce wear rate and DIN value

2. Decrease its friction coefficient

3. Will not influence the elastic advantage of EVA itself

4. Improve the stability of light wear-resistant EVA outsole material

5. Comfortable to wear

6. Environment-friendly

Compared with the traditional tech, SILIKE ANTI-ABRASION MASTERBATCH with proper molecular weight overcomes the disadvantage in processing and properties of traditional additives, has much better dispersity in resin, and with more durable abrasion resistance, better flow ability, and demolding. It can be easy to solve problems like bubbles, black lines, sticky molds, and so on…


Post time: Jun-15-2022