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What are Slip agents for Plastic Film?

Slip agents are a type of additive used to improve the performance of plastic films. They are designed to reduce the coefficient of friction between two surfaces, allowing for easier sliding and improved handling. Slip additives also help to reduce static electricity, which can cause dust and dirt to stick to the film. Slip additives are used in a variety of applications, including food packaging, medical packaging, and industrial packaging.


There are several types of slip additives available for plastic film production. The most common type is a wax-based additive, which is typically added in small amounts to the polymer melt during extrusion. This type of additive provides a low coefficient of friction and good optical properties. Other types of slip additives include Acid amides, Similar to external lubricants, silicone-based additives, which provide a low coefficient of friction for easy sliding, and better optical properties, and fluoropolymer-based additives, which provide excellent slip properties and good optical properties.


When selecting a slip additive for plastic film production, it is important to consider the application and the desired performance characteristics. Generally speaking, more slip additives will result in better performance. However, too much slip additive can cause the film to become too slippery and difficult to handle, such as blocking or poor adhesion. It is therefore important to use the correct amount of slip additive for each application.
This innovation Slip agent for Plastic Film solutions, You need to know!
SILIKE SILIMER Series,which contains both silicone chains and some active functional groups in their molecular structure. As an efficient Non-migratory hot slip agent benefit the improvement of processing and modification surface properties of PE, PP, PET, PVC, TPU, etc.


SILIKE  SILIMER Series Slip additives are an effective way to reduce friction between two surfaces, reduce static electricity, and improve handling. By adjusting the composition and amount of slip additive used, it is possible to achieve optimal performance for any application. especially useful for plastic films that are used in packaging, as they can help reduce the amount of force needed to open the package and make it easier to slide the contents out.
SILIKE SILIMER Series Slip agent is suitable for stretch films, cast films, blown films, thin films with very high packaging speeds, and in-film extrusion of very sticky resins that benefit from immediate CoF reduction and better surface smoothness of the end product.

A small dosage of SILIKE SILIMER Series Slip agent can reduce the COF and improve the surface finish in film processing, delivering stable, permanent slip performance, and enabling them to maximize quality and consistency over time and under high-temperature conditions, thus can free customers from storage time and temperature constraints, and relieve worries about additive migration, to preserve film’s ability to be printed and metalized. Almost no influence on transparency. Suitable for BOPP, CPP, BOPET, EVA, TPU film…

There are some BOPP film, CPP, and LLDPE plastic film manufacturers have been taking this functionalized modified silicone additive to solve slip anti-blocking COF performance.



Post time: May-19-2023