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The April spring breeze is gentle, the rain is flowing and fragrant

The sky is blue and the trees are green

If we can have a sunny trip, just thinking about it will be so fun

It’s a good time for an outing

Facing the spring, accompanied by birds ‘twitter and fragrance of flowers

Silike family go outing today~

Team building Site : “Back Garden” of Chengdu

Yuhuang Mountain Health Valley/Jintang County

The scenic area has flowers and trees sightseeing, agricultural picking experience, forest climbing fitness, glass slide and other tourism projects.

Set hilly trees, flower nursery, forest oxygen bar, mountaineering fitness in one of the modern agricultural leisure health place.

It is rarely talked about, but every view here is stunning.




                                                   Step by step heart-pounding New famous bridge   


                                 High altitude glass bridge

Photo collection




The glass bridge is illuminated by sunlight

Through the thick forest, the cool breeze blowing by ear

 Feel only comfort and relaxation

The outdoor barbecue

Everybody’s hanging around the grill.


Of course, there will also be games ~

“We’re colleagues. We’re friends

But now we are rivals too”

“Sweated and tired but now we know each other better”



Perfect Ending

Meeting is a good start, but missing will be full of happiness

Only into the sea, a drop of water will never dry up

You will be most powerful when you are integrated with the group

When you get into a team, stay in a line with them

Although tired also happy, in trouble but you will be more brave

The story of Silike ~ to be continued…

Post time: Apr-08-2021