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What Materials Make Shoe Abrasion Resistance?
The abrasion resistance of outsoles is one of the essential properties of footwear products, which determines the service life of shoes, comfortably and safely. when the outsole is worn to a certain extent, it will lead to uneven stress on the sole of the foot, affecting the development of human bones.
In addition, the maker of footwear is also required when the surface of the sole intended to come into contact with the ground to have a pleasant appearance and for their brands, logos graphic elements’ aesthetical features remain unaltered over time to the greatest extent possible.

To obviate this drawback, in the state of the art, it is known to apply all kinds of anti-wear additives, one or more reinforcing elements of rubber or other polymeric material which can improve the friction on the ground and the abrasion resistance of the sole.
SILIKE anti-wear additives Make Shoe Abrasion Resistance!

Anti-wear additives 2023

1. The series of SILIKE Anti-abrasion masterbatch products were particularly developed for the footwear industry, they have become ideal anti-wear additives for EVA/TPR/TR/TPU/Color RUBBER/PVC compounds.

2. A small addition of SILIKE Anti-abrasion masterbatch  can effectively improve the final EVA, TPR, TR, TPU, color rubber, and PVC shoe sole’s abrasion resistance and decrease the abrasion value in the thermoplastics, which is Effective for DIN, ASTM, NBS, AKRON, SATRA, and GB abrasion tests.

3. These Anti-abrasion masterbatch products can impart good processing performance, and the abrasion resistance is the same both inside and outside. at the same time, the flowability of resin, and surface glossiness are improved as well, largely increasing the usage span of shoes. Unify the comfort and safe reliability of shoes.

Post time: Feb-21-2023