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At the end of August, the R&D team of Silico Technology moved forward lightly, separated from their busy work, and went to Qionglai for a two-day and one-night joyous parade~ Pack all the exhausted emotions away! I want to know what interesting things happened, so lets talk about it

First stop Tiantai Mountain

The morning sun slowly rises

Anticipation and excitement are the best stimulants for being sober.

A group of people drove to our first check-in location: the real version of "Firefly Forest"-Tiantai Mountain. Compared with the sweltering weather in Chengdu, the quiet forest here has a kind of summer called Qingliang.


"The mountains are strange, the rocks are strange, the water is beautiful, the forest is quiet, the clouds are beautiful"

Before climbing the mountain, the small competition will be arranged first!

It's time to show real technology! A mountain climbing expansion that tests physical strength is now unfolded!

"Mountain leisure paradise, firefly dance dream world"

We cross the forest waterfall all the way 

Exploring the aerial cable bridge

Admire the misty peaks

Feel the clear stream at your feet

Experience this dreamlike forest of flowing fireflies

The ups and downs of life are always looking for new horizons

When you abandon the shortcut and choose a more difficult route, you will enjoy the scenery that others can't enjoy along the difficult walk. Even though the process is very tiring, the team is accompanied along the way, teammates cheer each other up, and they always laugh and laugh along the way. Every bit becomes an opportunity for everyone to have a more loving relationship.

Get together*share

Hiking all the way, the friends were still a little tired when they came down the mountain. At dinner time, everyone gathered around the table and ate the self-raised roast lamb in the mountains. Board games, beer, and wine. Of course, dinner parties must be arranged for drinks. It can be regarded as a courage to detect fireflies at night. It’s a pity that we didn’t meet the fireflies, but only a few lonely fireflies~

Open your heart, share what you don’t usually say, and discuss the difficulties and growth in work. At this moment, the distance between hearts is getting closer, and we have a better understanding of each other outside of work. With the bright moon in the sky, and the summer wind blowing on everyone's cheeks, these happy moments together are worthy of a good collection.

The second stop: Natural Oxygen Bar, West Sichuan Bamboo Sea


Walk in the bamboo forest

The winding path is quiet, surrounded by the sea of bamboo, accompanied by smoke

Marvel at the various landscapes formed by nature

Xianlu Muyun Bridge, a wave of glass plank road~

Even though Im sweating

It also releases fatigue instantly when enjoying the magnificent scenery

The third stop is the Pingle Ancient Town, Chengdu

The ancient town of Pingle is famous for its lively alleyways and the original and unsophisticated western Sichuan customs. We strolled through the streets and alleys of the ancient town. In addition to the quaint and original ecology displayed in front of us, we also have a panoramic view of the distinctive gourmet specialties. In addition to bacon, which is bamboo shoots, it is quite special. Fried bamboo shoots are also a unique snack this season~ Everyone bought some special snacks and shared the beauty of Qionglai Pingle with friends and relatives.

Suddenly, I feel that the poetry of life is almost like this.

At this point, the small parade has come to an end. As if still reminiscing about the exhaustion of being in the mountains and forests, and the refreshing and coolness of being in the waterfalls. The happy time of team building is always short. We do communicate and collaborate in a different atmosphere, close the distance between each other, and release the pressure~

Post time: Aug-11-2020