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DuPont TPSiV® products incorporate vulcanized silicone modules in a thermoplastic matrix, proven that combine tough durability with soft-touch comfort in a wide range of innovative wearables.

TPSiV can be used in a broad spectrum of innovative wearables from smart/GPS watches, headsets, and activity trackers, to earbuds, AR/VR accessories, wearable healthcare devices, and more.

Key solutions materials for wearables:

• Unique, silky-soft touch and bonding to polar substrates such as polycarbonate and ABS

• UV stability and chemical resistance in light and dark colors

• Soft-touch comfort with resistance to sweat and sebum

• Strain reliefs that offer to bond to ABS, colorability, and chemical resistance.

• Cable jacket that provides impact noise dampening and excellent haptics

• High stiffness, high toughness, and low-density for lightweight and durable structural parts and components

• Environmentally friendly


Innovation polymer solutions for lighter, comfortable, and more durable material for the wearables segment


SILIKE launches a patented dynamic vulcanizate thermoplastic Silicone-based elastomers (Si-TPV).

Si-TPV is a safe and environment-friendly material, It has drawn much concern due to its surface with unique silky and skin-friendly touch, excellent dirt collection resistance ,better scratch resistance, not contain plasticizer and softening oil, no bleeding / sticky risk, no odors. which is suitable for skin contacted products, especially for wearable components. It is an ideal replacement for TPU, TPE, and TPSiV.

From housings, brackets, and watch bands to silky-smooth parts and components, Si-TPV as wearable technology material bringing designers more comfortable, reliable performance and flexible, more environmentally friendly innovation product designs.

Due to Si-TPV’s excellent mechanical properties, easy processability, recyclability, easily colorable and has strong UV stability with no loss of adhesion to the rigid substrate when exposed to sweat, grime, or conventional topical lotions, commonly used by consumers.

Post time: Jun-22-2021