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Over the past few decades, the materials used in sports and fitness gear have evolved from raw materials such as wood, twine, gut, and rubber to high-technology metals, polymers, ceramics, and synthetic hybrid materials like composites and cellular concepts. Usually, the design of sports and fitness gear must rely on the knowledge of materials science, engineering, physics, physiology, and biomechanics and must consider various possible characteristics.


However, SILIKE Dynamic vulcanized thermoplastic Silicone-based elastomers ( for short Si-TPV), is a unique material that provides a good combination of properties and benefits from thermoplastics and is fully cross-linked silicone rubber, safe and environment-friendly. It has drawn much concern due to its surface with its unique silky and skin-friendly touch, excellent dirt collection resistance, better scratch resistance, not containing plasticizer and softening oil, no bleeding / sticky risk, and no odors. It is an ideal replacement for TPU, TPV, TPE, and TPSiV. As 100% recyclable material, proven that combine tough durability with comfort, safety, and aesthetically pleasing designs on sports fitness and outdoor recreation accessories.


In addition, Silicone Thermoplastic Elastomer (Si-TPV) 3520 series has good hydrophobicity, pollution and weather resistance, and abrasion&scratch resistance, providing good bonding performance and extreme touch. This material can be widely used in all kinds of sports bracelets, gym gear, outdoor equipment, underwater equipment, and other related application fields. like handgrip in golf clubs, badminton, and tennis rackets; as well as switches and push buttons on gym equipment bicycle odometers, and more.


• Soft-touch comfort with resistance to sweat and sebum
• Not contain plasticizer and softening oil, no bleeding / sticky risk, no odors
• Better scratch and abrasion resistance
• Colorability, and chemical resistance
• Eco-friendly

Post time: Oct-17-2022