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Chinaplas2021 | Continue to run for future meet

The four-day International Rubber & Plastic Exhibition has come to a perfect ending today. Looking back on the wonderful experience of the four days, we can say that we have gained a lot. To sum up in three sentences from the Analects of Confucius, we can say that It is such a pleasure to have friends coming from afar. ", "In the company of three, there will always be my teacher", and "When you see a good man, try to be the same". As plastics are widely accepted and used in all life field, plastic recycling, plastic materials for medical use, 3D printing materials and 5G have become the hot spots of this year's International Rubber & Plastic Exhibition. Such a grand event brings us more is a rare opportunity to sit down and talk with old and new friends, learn the advanced experience and technology in the industry and acquire the market demand.


It is such a pleasure to have friends coming from afar.

The fast pace of life in modern society deprives us of many opportunities to make and maintain friends. It is difficult to accurately convey our thoughts and feelings only by relying on cold words and data. In such a big environment, the rare industry event will come from all over the world to gather together only by the common topic of attraction, in the four-day exhibition, which for us is undoubtedly full of fun and pleasant and memorable. In the process of collision and exchange of ideas, we understand the difficulties our friends are facing, so that we can have the opportunity to do a little to help them out. Understand our own shortcomings, for the direction of the future to make a guide; Knowing the needs of friends and laying the foundation for a better meeting.



In the company of three, there will always be my teacher

The best communication experience is what you learn. During the four-day exhibition, we had an in-depth discussion with people who are not only our friends, but also play the role of our teachers, learned from the conversation about the trend of current market demand, and jointly explored to unlock more product application fields and plastic solutions...





When you see a good man, try to be the same

Competitors in the industry are indispensable for an enterprise that hopes to continuously climb the peak. What they can bring is more inclined to the positive influence, which constantly stimulates the progress and innovation of the enterprise. In this exhibition, the major enterprises in the industry are competing to display their innovative products, which is a challenge, competition, but also an inspiration and example for SILIKE in the fields that we have involved.

The short goodbye is for the next better meeting. In the coming days, we will continue to move forward with passion and expect to meet you with more surprises!


Post time: Apr-16-2021